Requirements to registration of materials:

The original researches having accurately expressed author's position and essential scientific novelty are published in JPE. Articles would be corresponding to sections and thematic headings of the edition.
Articles are provided in edition in the Russian and/or English languages by e-mail or on electronic (CD-R, CD-RW) and paper carriers to the address: 410012, Saratov, Stolypin Volga Region Institute of Administration of RANEPA, Moskovskaya St., 164, room 2110
The text of materials has to be typed in the Microsoft Word editor of versions 97 and later.
Font 14 TimesNewRoman size through an unary interval.
Fields:  the bottom – 30 mm, top – 30 mm, left – 30 mm, right – 30 mm.
The volume of provided materials – from 5 to 30 pages, links to literature – interlinear also are made out according to rules of the bibliographic description. Rules of the description are identical to all sources, domestic and foreign.
The main text is accompanied by the following data (at the beginning of article):
– article name (on Russian and English);
– data (on Russian and English) about the author with the indication of a surname, a name, a middle name, a place of work, a position, a scientific degree, an academic status, the city, the country; the full postal address (for transfer of an author's copy), e-mail, contact phone;
– article abstract (on Russian and English) of the 100-150 words;
– keywords (from 5 to 10) (on Russian and English).
The author(s) surname(s) is brought in the file name on an electronic medium.
Editorial Council carries out reviewing of provided articles, on the basis of the positive conclusion they are accepted for printing. Reviews are provided to the author for acquaintance. The provided materials are subject to check on existence of incorrect loans.
In preliminary coordination with an editorial board to the publication announcements of the All-Russian and international conferences, symposiums and seminars are accepted.
Materials for the publication are accepted all the year round.
 Authors get one free author's copy of the journal where his paper is published.

Contact information:
Gubaydullina Gulnara Gizzatovna (Executive secretary)
Latkov Andrey Vladimirovich (Co-Editor)
Neverova Anastasia Victorovna (Co-Editor)
410012, Russia, Saratov, Stolypin Volga Region Institute of Administration
of RANEPA, Moskovskaya St., 164, room 2110
Tel.: 8 (8452) 37-91-97