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Since 2014 Center of Psycho-Economic Researches of Saratov Science Center of Russian academy of Science issues the international scientific “JOURNAL OF PSYCHO-ECONOMICS” which is the successor of the international scientific journal “Psychology and Economics”, leaving in 2008-2013 (5-year impact-factor in RISC in 2012 – 0,128; the journal indicator in SCIENCE INDEX rating in 2012 – 360, since January, 2012 it is included in the International database Ulrich (Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory). “JOURNAL OF PSYCHO-ECONOMICS” is based at the Stolypin Volga Region Institute of Administration, Saratov. Journal founder is Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

Journal is issued four times a year (March, June, September, December).

Working languages: Russian and English.
In modern conditions scientific knowledge areas came to a way of interdisciplinary communications consolidation, mutually growing theoretical, methodological and empirical achievements. One of the main directions of humanitarian knowledge spheres integration is rapprochement of the economic theory and psychology within economic psychology and behavioral economy. Interdisciplinary character of journal is urged to reflect in due time scientific achievements in the modern economy and psychology field, modern trends of their interconnected development in Russian and international scientific spaces.

Journal of Psycho-Economics is aimed at the solution of actual research tasks:

- definition of interdisciplinary discussions space;
- improvement of researches information base in interaction frames of economic and psychological areas of scientific knowledge; 
- acquaintance with the theoretical heritage, the latest concepts and technologies of scientific researches; 
- discussion of experience of disciplines teaching on an economy and psychology joint;
- platform creation for publications of the young scientists works who are interested in problem questions of psycho-economics researches. 

Results of scientific researches are published in the following sections and thematic headings:

- Basic psycho-economics researches;
- Empirical and experimental psycho-economics researches;
- Tools of psycho-economics researches;
- History and methodology of psycho-economics researches;
- Monitoring, analytics and forecasting;
- Psychology of innovations and economic agents reproduction;
- Cross-cultural psycho-economics researches;
- Neuroeconomic researches;
- Economic space and psychology of a life way;
- Psycho-economics bases of a state policy and administration;
- Rent-seeking behavior of socio-economic agents;
- Round tables and discussions;
- Scientific debuts;
- Summaries, reviews, interviews.