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Journal of Psycho-Economics, 2014. Vol. 1(7). № 1-2.
From editorial board
Report about scientific-technical activity’s results of Center of Psycho-Economic Researches SSC RAS for five years

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Tools of psycho-economics researches
Rezapkina G.V.
«Facets of personality». Three-dimensional model of psychological diagnostic Download PDF
Solodkaya T.I., Mavzovin V.S.
Mathematical modeling of the conditions of equilibrium and price stability of the money market Download PDF
Monitoring, analytics and forecasting
Maslyakov V.V., Lyovina V.A., Romanova I.V.
Psychological microclimate and the causes of conflict among nurses  Download PDF
Ermasov S.V.
Psychological specific of organization’s financial planning DownloadPDF
Psychology of innovations and economic agents reproduction
Markelov A.Yu.
Economic agents reproduction: intergenerational approach Download PDF
Economic space and psychology of a life way
Sukharev O.S.
Technologies, institutes and models of development Download PDF
Round tables and discussions
Mozzhilin S.I.
Dialectics and plagiarism Download PDF
Latkov A.V.
materials from scientific seminar «Institutional economic theory and applications» Institute of Economics RAS on theme «Rent-seeking and rent-oriented behavior in context of development of rent relations» Download PDF
Summaries, reviews, interviews
Gubaydullina G.G.
The report about the II International research-to-practice conference “Economic Psychology: Past, Present, Future”, 15-17 of May 2014 Download PDF
Konoplenko A.A.
New international collection of papers «Historical psychology of public administration» Download PDF